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Osteopaths aim to find and treat the core of an injury for long term relief

Address: 9 Scotts Rd,
Scotts Medical center
#12-01 Pacific Plaza
Singapore, 228210
Note: Clinic is found inside the Nutrition Clinic
Contact: (+65) 90897266
Developed by Andrew Taylor Still, a Doctor of medicine in the 1870’s, Osteopathy is a "whole body" system of manual therapy, based on biomechanical principles. Osteopathy uses a wide range of techniques to treat musculo-skeletal problems and other functional disorders of the body.
Having completed a Master of Osteopathy focusing on Paediatrics and attended numerous Paediatric courses, Dr. Kellie has a special interest in treating infants and children. Using a range of gentle techniques Osteopathy is commonly used as a non-invasive treatment for children from birth to adulthood.